WhichBox Media empowers passionate online publishers with addition to its Network Publisher Program

Dallas--Texas / October 27, 2009 -- WhichBox Media, LLC announced the launch of the new entry level tier of its Network Publisher program: Network Publisher: Standard. The 'Standard' package is for small content owners and web media companies. The new program rounds out whichbox™; revolutionary WhichBox Media Publishing Program.

Patrick Seaman, Chief Publisher and New Media Vanguard commented: "Online publishers who want to do more than, well, one thing at a time, are frustrated. I know, I've been in their shoes. They've posted blogs, videos, photos and audios on sharing sites and tried to tie it all together along with social networking and other widgets. The tools are all different, they don't talk to each other and every time a version changes -- things break. They have no way to really grow audience and their users cannot contribute "any media" rich content. They’ve tried ad programs and ad networks and they only seem to "cheapen" content. Worse still - they seem to spend more time wrestling with the technology than on their content. I only wish that whichbox™ had been available for my previous companies! "

Network Publisher: Standard package publishers:
  • Receive a branded vertical, or, "box", within the whichbox™; Community
  • Keep their ad revenue & syndicate and monetize content with integrated advertising and campaign management
  • Can "pull" and monetize content from other boxes/verticals
  • Intrinsic SEO reduces the heavy lifting require to improve search results
  • Can include premium services like Web-to-Print, eCommerce, digital magazines, etc.
  • Need no technical staff -- all-in-one turnkey solution with hosting, CDN, ad server, etc.
  • Manage content for multiple domains centrally and without duplicate paths.
  • Using whichbox™ organic storytelling™ tools, Standard publishers can publish any type of media -- all within a single story -- text, photos, video, audio, etc. Grow audience with stories cross-posted in other boxes/verticals
  • Can use advanced web 2.0 social networking tools to keep audience engaged and interconnected to the popular social networking sites.

Bettina Bennett, CEO, Chief Maverick and Co-Founder of WhichBox Media added: "This service is the result of input we got from some very passionate online publishers. When we launched our Network Publisher Program a few weeks back, the instant inquiries and calls we got from publishers confirmed to us that we are on the right track with our offering to mid-size publishers. However, we also got quite a lot of calls from smaller publishers, that are doing well with just 1 or 2 modest online publications, who asked if we could offer them a solution, too. It was interesting to see that this group of publishers really understood the tremendous benefits our tools can provide for them. They were most excited about the ability to (re-) focus their efforts on content creation and sales - instead of struggling with integrating technology, SEO, multiple media formats, social networking, UGC etc.. So, we reworked some of our numbers, talked with our vendors and designed a program that we believe now makes it an easy decision for online publishers to upgrade to whichbox™."  

URLS: whichbox™ Publishing Program Network Publisher: Standard

About WhichBox Media:

WhichBox Media, LLC, is an online publishing and content monetization pioneer, offering a revolutionary, integrated, relevancy driven and content focused, all-media, online publishing platform and service.

The WhichBox Media platform combines vertical-market content distribution with social networking, the ability to quantify and explore the relationships between related content domains and user interests, and the correlation between content and advertising. It delivers new ways to assemble, create and publish stories, using proprietary digital tools, and in the process, provides a rich environment, built around circles of people, drawn by shared interests, passions, and lifestyles, and cultivates authentic brand/consumer relationships.

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