WHY whichbox®?

Integrating and maintaining today’s array of web infrastructure applications is a growing burden to already strained budgets. Cost continues to rise and ROI decreases while all of that work and effort barely keeps up with basic functionality requirements.

For most smaller and midsize publishers and other organizations, having a content-centric web 2.0 presence online, is financially out of reach.

The major challenges:
  • Evolution of technology for web, media, and content
  • Growing audience demands
  • Increased sophistication needed

Since 2008 (and just in the US alone) over 1,200 magazines and newspapers have shut down, including brand-names like Gourmet, Modern Bride, and Country Home. Major papers have filed for bankruptcy or have been sold for pennies.

You know your audience is migrating online, however, you are also discovering that it is not as easy to monetize content and engage and grow your audience as perhaps it had been thought.

So, how do you cope with the pressure to “keep-up” with user expectations and still function within the realities of budget and staff constraints? Or worse: how do you keep from becoming… obsolete?

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it!” (Alan Kay)

The future is about content and experience. There must be no boundaries between social networking, social media and content.  We must seek a new type  of experience where content is not siloed by media type, and the focus is on your content, not your support technology. The experience must be authentic with real, contextually relevant engagement – and not focused on mass impressions of intrusive and banal diet and wrinkle cream ads, or worse, cannibalized and mass-farmed junk content.

Content centric organizations need to embrace a seismic change in corporate culture – away from staid and traditional.  We must become entrepreneurs – agile, inventive and eager to explore new content types and user experiences.  We need a deep understanding of what audiences want, and must efficiently employ new technologies to capitalize on these trends.  Moreover, We must monetize brand enthusiasts and turn them into our own audience.

The future lies with integrated publications and convergent technologies - and not the box – the ipad, mobile device, gadget, online technology or other “plug and play” quick fix.  We are convinced that the future, and it won’t be easy, lies with our ability as brands, publishers, media companies and other content rich organizations, to culturally re-think and re-invent and even revolutionize ourselves as customer-focused media organizations.

In our many meetings, conversations and brainstorms with brands, publishers, media companies and other organizations, 9 questions came up again and again:
  • How do I meet ever growing user expectations about how and where they want to consume content - with the same or smaller budget and staff?
  • How do I grow my audience, without spending an increasing fortune on SEO or Google Ads?
  • How do I connect with my audience in a way that does not just create “I like” relationships - but allows me to monetize those brand enthusiasts and turn them into “MY” audience?
  • How do I  improve and enhance user experience, and increase site stickyness, engagement and contingent revenues?
  • How do I keep my web presence fresh and entertaining?  How do I create or cost effectively acquire more online or digital-only content?
  • How do I do this and not simply cannibalize my existing media or print content?
  • How do I effectively monetize my content and still be able to compete online?
  • How do I leverage my multiple web verticals and aggregate the value of total audience?
  • And a reality-check!  How do I do “all this” and still focus on my core business?

In order to not just survive, but strive, content owners have to take a chance, create their own aggregators, make their content available on any platform their audience wants to consume it on, and look for new opportunities – by being creative and not letting existing business structures dictate their moves.

Publishers have to take their content, make it more interesting, start using content in different ways, and get out of silos.
They'll need to reorganize it - and they need a new platform for that!

SOLUTION: whichbox®.

Now you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to build your own technology.

whichbox® is the first and only convergent technology platform, built from the ground up, to be affordable, relevancy driven and content focused; a turnkey all-in-one platform to create, publish and monetize all-media web content using our “organic storytelling®” model.