Technology Wrangling

Today’s media consumer expects and demands, that YOUR online publication will keep pace with the latest and greatest technologies, and, that they’ll be able to consume your content anywhere, anytime, and on any platform.

Existing technology solutions require you to reshape and force your businesses to fit the technology, rather then your content and the desired user experience.

New technologies, offered as solutions to engage audience and monetize content, each add new layers of IT cost, integration, complexity, and management.

If you have an IT department: It frequently is relegated to the role of “plumber” -- making sure things don’t break -- rather than as builder and innovator.
Your IT staff’s hair is turning gray faster than a United States President’s.

Without an "All-In-One" platform, you have to juggle a seemingly endless number of unrelated applications and tools -- and the people needed to manage them. 

At the most basic level, organizations must manage their web, database, ad and merchant servers, as well as content management systems, content delivery networks, ad networks, and the overall bandwidth and network infrastructure needed to make everything work.

Beyond the bare bones infrastructure, you must integrate and maintain applications to provide basic capabilities, including blogs, feeds, webcasts, photo galleries, video players, podcasts, web-to-print, user management, user generated content, push content, basic content management, social networking tools, widgets, audio/video players, and much, much more.

On the social networking side, today's users expect more than just a profile that is used to send marketing emails to them. The expectation is that you provide for more than just feedback and comments. 

Brands need to empower users with the ability to share actual content, integrate with other social network platforms, manage user feeds and status announcements and more.

Of course, there's also that other issue -- monetization. 

Publishers juggle premium content, paid content, web-to-print, ad networks, ad sales, live events and eCommerce.

Whether in-house or 3rd party, or, more than likely, a combination of both, any content rich organization must handle all the integration and version change issues -- especially when 3rd party tools and applications are updated and no longer work correctly within the mix of content and application on your site(s).

This problem becomes accelerated when you have multiple publications or websites.

If you have more than one vertical, or even just manage multiple blogs or other components and features, the management tools are duplicated and don’t scale. Your infrastructure complexity and support costs grow. Even upgrading to new component versions is challenging as version changes often create compatibly issues.

Instead of one website that uses 8 to 15+ different technology tools, this whole “kitten kaboodle” is now multiplied by the number of online publications, turning a bad situation to worse.

The result: Your focus is on technology rather than content, and technology becomes the biggest budget item.
Frequently the accumulated costs of all those different tools, technologies, apps etc., are far outweighing content creation cost and other business expenditures.
With every tool or technology added, the cost are rising without being balanced by growing revenues, resulting in a scenario that does not scale, creates support nightmares, and requires more $$ with no or little ROI.

SOLUTION: The whichbox® Turnkey, All-In-One, All-Media, Convergent Online Publishing Platform.

It scales based on your needs, eliminates support nightmares, all the while stays within or even below your budget, and provides you with true ROI.

No longer do you have to choose between budgeting for staffing and technology – or your content.
Finally, you can shift your focus back to your core and your content.

In short, the technology solutions available required you to reshape and force your businesses to fit the technology.
Instead, we decided to invest-in and build THE platform to fit the publishing and media business, and the needs of content rich organizations.

Now you don’t have to spend a fortune to build your own solution. Finally, you can re-connect with your core and your passion: Creating great content, engaging your audience, and monetizing that relationship.