WHO is whichbox®?

What happens when you combine a Chai Masala loving, German Maverick and an obsessive story teller deep in the Heart of Texas? Add in a serial New Media entrepreneur who helped launch the Internet content revolution at AudioNet/Broadcast.com and co-author of the first major book on Internet media?

You get a media company, filled with an eclectic mix of passionate people, including a Search and Rescue volunteer,a health and fitness devotee, and an international rock star support ensemble.

Welcome to WhichBox Media - a revolutionary media development, publishing, distribution and syndication company.

We’re a company of publishers, Internet, media, marketing and advertising executives.

We tested all the commercial tools and services and concluded that nothing met our needs. In short, the technology solutions required publishers to reshape and force their businesses to fit the technology.

Instead, we decided to invest-in and build our own proprietary technology to fit our publishing and media business.

We have merged expertise, skills, knowledge and experience, in diverse yet complimentary disciplines.

Our business and creative team has backgrounds in international business, media convergence, multi-continental partnerships, marketing and multimedia content development (magazines, television, film and online properties), as well as creating brand-centric content for niche environments.

Our technical team has a background in process management, application and gaming development, content management and informatics platform development.

The result is a unique combination of people and powerful know-how, focused on providing a better environment to monetize content and create the ultimate user, brand and content connection.