Stagnant Content

Audiences are close to stagnant, revenues are declining, and costs are rising disproportionately.

Because of a lack of balance between content creation resources and diversion of funds to technology, online content can quickly become stagnant and flat.

Frequently the content on a site is merely a duplication of existing magazine or print content - and then the question becomes how do you avoid to cannibalize your existing content. 

And what do you do, if it does?
  • Make it all consumable online?
  • Put archived or other portions of your content behind a pay wall?
  • Make it all only accessible to paying subscribers?

In many cases, there is no extra budget to pay for additional staff writers to create fresh, brand appropriate content for the site.
So-called “evergreen”, one-size-fits-all content is purchased from “content farms” or other mass content creation companies, to substitute and/or add to existing site content.

Others believe their only alternatives are "flip magazines" and PDF downloads or PDF readers. These solutions do little to grow or develop new audiences, and merely create a new “ho-hum location” for existing audiences, to consume the same content – without the opportunity to generate new monetization opportunities.

None of this contributes to growing audience or revenues.

SOLUTION: Use the whichbox® social publishing™ and “organic storytelling® tools, to create a sense of community and give your audience the opportunity to participate and contribute.

  • Make your audience part of your content creation “staff”.
  • Inspire your audience.
  • Get them engaged and motivated to contribute.
  • And: Let them help you grow your audience, by promoting their own stories to their friends and across the social web.