Social Media and User Generated Content (UGC)

Did you know?

The number of user-generated content creators will grow by similar proportions, reaching 114.5 million in 2013, up from 82.5 million in 2008.
That will translate to 51.8% of US Internet users in 2013, up from 42.8% in 2008.  (Source: 2008, eMarketer) 

The whichbox® Platform includes fully integrated user and management tools so you can take enrich your site with User Generated Content (UGC). 

With (almost) the same tools as publishers, users can do far more than just read or reply, comment, or just have a simple profile.

Users can publish their own stories – with text, pictures, audio, video, lists, how-to’s, etc.

Your audience can now create stories (fully integrated stories with any combination of publisher-approved media elements) and share them with their friends or their social network community.
User Generated Content now can infuse your site with fresh content (which helps with SEO), that you do not have to hire staff or freelancers to create, and that can compliment your existing content.