SEO and Content Discovery

We know that you are concerned about SEO. We hear all the time about the amount of time and money serious web content owners spend on SEO specialists and consultants for their current web properties.

How do you light a fire under audience growth without a bonfire of SEO and Search Advertising dollars? 

Today’s audience is fickle and can stagnate quickly. Keeping it growing often means expensive campaigns and extensive SEO efforts.

Even building sites for new devices and new apps won’t necessarily grow audience – just move it from one place to another.  

The question becomes: Where’s the ROI?

SOLUTION: The whichbox® Platform provides a new framework, where content discovery, syndication and peer recommendations grow audience organically, supported by search, tags, taxonomies, as well as sharing and profile bookmarking by users, your audience, who engage with your content and can optionally even create synergistic content themselves.

If you run multiple publications / websites on the whichbox® Platform, content is discoverable across the entire network of sites.

Engaged users create a vibrant, engaged and growing environment and community with fresh opportunities for building both trust, relevance and monetization.