Platforms, Devices and more...

We can’t live without them anymore: the mobile phones and tablets, widgets, gadgets, apps, and other devices that allow is to access information where and when we want, stay in touch with our friends, and - hopefully - organize our lives.

The same is true for our audiences,customers, users.

2011 will be the year of the tablets - with at least 10 more devices entering the marketplace, not counting all the other devices your audience wants to consume content on.

The challenge: As new tablet devices are coming into the market, every new device represents growing development and support cost ... and more added technology decisions.

Apps anybody?

It is already becoming apparent that just having an iPad app might not be the solution.
  • How many of those apps do you want to build, then?
  • Each device requires a separate app.
  • Do you want to build one for every device? Only for some? Which ones?

Think about this: More devices to distribute content to, don’t always mean more or new subscribers and larger audiences. For the most part, it’s mostly the same audience, that now requires a greater effort and more resources.

Don’t get us wrong: Apps are cool, some are changing lives, and they definitely have their place in our lives forever.

However, the question is: Are they the right or best solution to monetize your content?If you follow the money and examine the current data for some of the most popular magazine apps, most of them now have only moderate success beyond their initial fanfare launch - and will require a substantial amount of time and effort to recoup their investments.

And: Did you know that:
  • The average iPad app costs between US$75k and US$350k (spent for magazine apps)
  • It takes at least an additional 20% of content creation cost to prepare your content for one single app
Giving 30% of subscription and other revenues to Apple® or other app stores, does not help that situation either.

So what's required, especially for the large market of small and midsize publishers, for brands and other content rich environments, is a platform that is device agnostic, saves time and money, is easy to use and more.

SOLUTION: The platform and device agnostic whichbox® Platform.
  • It’s browser based - and doesn’t require you to have costly apps and/or to recreate your content.
  • You only create your content once!
  • And: Any and all revenue is yours.