Patrick Seaman, CTO, COO and New Media Vanguard

An Internet and new media pioneer, Patrick helped launch the Internet revolution as employee # 1 at AudioNet/  (sold to Yahoo! for $5.4 billion), where he was Director of Technology / CTO, VP of International Development & Special Projects and on the board of directors of Japan.  Patrick helped launch other media and web startups.
At WhichBox Media, Patrick wears many hats including Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer and his favorite: New Media Vanguard.  Patrick is responsible for technology and strategic visioning, content management and operations and corporate development, etc.

Patrick co-authored the first major book on Internet Broadcasting and streaming media, “WebSite Sound”, published by New Riders/McMillan

Patrick published the then most-listened-to audiobook on the web with 42 full-cast dramatized episodes. Building on that market research at, Patrick spun off a New Media company, Timberwolf, which was the first to publish an audiobook online, the first company (as far as we know) to publish on MP3 CD, the first to publish a podcast-style audiobook, the first to simultaneously publish in downloadable digital form, MP3, WMA, CD, MP3-CD, e-book, printed book and even cassette tape.

Patrick is the former Chief Technologist at Deer Channel where he engineered a worlds first scientific project to mount wireless cameras on wildlife in a protected habitat, and broadcast live via broadband what the animals saw and heard in their natural environment

Patrick launched the first commercial radio station on the Internet, KLIF, (at AudioNet/ and led the build-out of the first network of (hundreds of) Internet radio stations

Patrick invented and recorded the streaming media pre-roll advertisement (to combat deep linking)

Patrick also managed the first live, commercial international webcasts from inside China (Intel product launches)

Patrick negotiated many deals, including building-out the BBC's standard contract for Internet deals