Organic Storytelling®

Part of the whichbox® Platform is it's powerful, patent pending, “organic storytelling®” technology and process, which brings together proprietary all-media content creation tools (combining video, audio, text, images, how-to's etc. into ONE piece of content). Now, a single piece of content can include any combination of media or content-types.

Organic Storytelling® creates integrated, deep, and engaging user experiences with long “linger times".

whichbox® private beta analytics showed  (for content consumption only - and before users had the ability to create their own all-media content):

    •    Users spent on average 30 minutes per day on the site
    •    Users visited an average of 7-9 pages per visit and
    •    Users spent an average of 9 - 12 minutes per visit.

Long engagement times = higher $$

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