Media Silos

The limitations of today’s content creation and management tools often force web content to be “siloed” across a website.

You are using a multitude of different applications to support different types of content and experiences:
  • A CMS (content Management System) for your core site
  • Multiple installations of software to support your blog(s)
  • Video delivery networks and players
  • Separate tools for audio content
Content which really should be contiguous is fragmented – and diluted.

Users have to dig deep to find content that is segregated by media type – videos in one part of your site, podcasts in another, photo galleries in a special section, recipes somewhere else, etc. 

User experiences are shallow, with related content often undiscovered. Monetization opportunities suffer with poor user engagement.

SOLUTION: The whichbox® “organic storytelling®” technology and multi domain capabilities.

Finally  a way for everybody, your brand and your audience, to tell stories in one piece: the cooking video with the recipe, the photos of how the dish came together, the back story of where the recipe came from and the favorite song of the “chef” - all part of one single story.