Jennie Currier, Co-Founder and Chief Ideator

Jenni is co-founder of WhichBox Media and has over 15 years experience as a professional storyteller and media executive.

Her career began in broadcast journalism and transitioned into interactive media with an emphasis on video development and distribution.

Jenni’s credits include producing live, satellite broadcast and webcast events for Bristol Myers Squibb, M&M Mars, Yahoo!, Channel One and The Department of Justice.

In 1999, Jenni helped to successfully launch a creative division within Primedia, Inc. that supported over 250 niche publications and national accounts with multimedia creative services. Although video remained her primary storytelling format, her distribution experience broadened to include closed-circuit networks, home video, nationally and internationally distributed television series, and video on demand.

In 2004, Jenni began pioneering a new tradition in media: creating a personal connection with your audience. Her storytelling method shifted from format based to relevancy based and has been implemented by a variety of clients including interactive ad-agency, Tribal DDB, and enthusiast publisher, CK Media.

Jenni’s professional belief led her to partner with Bettina Bennett and co-create WhichBox Media.