Convergent Technology

Simplicity is key.

whichbox® convergent technology provides an affordable, easy to use, integrated turnkey platform for the creation, management, publication, distribution and monetization of “any media” content for the web and other devices and destinations.

All tools and applications are part of ONE SINGLE easy to use solution.

The fully integrated whichbox® Platform provides:

  • A cutting edge online presence, without a need for, or to add, a technical staff. The solution provides fully integrated hosting, distribution, video delivery, etc., along with advertising and monetization tools.
  • Content management for just a single site or for multiple domains, centrally and without duplicate paths. The one-to-many CMS can publish content to one or many websites with a mouse-click.
  • Unprecedented, easy to us, all media content creation tools. Content is no longer segregated by media type and flows naturally with what WhichBox Media calls: organic storytelling®. whichbox® proprietary and patent pending, all-media content creation tools can combine video, audio, text, images, how-to's etc. into ONE piece of content.
  • Comprehensive set of social networking and social media tools for your audience, to share their own stories, promote them to their friends across other social networks, and interact with their friends on your site.
  • Content monetization capabilities, including integrated advertising and campaign management, to place ads with contextual relevancy rather than by keyword or demographics. Ads and brand placement can become a welcome extension of the content (like ads in a specialty magazine). creating an environment with long user engagement times for high value CPMs.
  • Additional revenue-generating services like e-commerce options, premium content, etc.
  • Custom look and feel. Sites built on the whichbox® Platform can take on many looks and display on many devices