Bettina Bennett, CEO and Chief Maverick

Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Mipcom magazine and other media have described her projects as: “major”, “groundbreaking”, “the biggest and quintessential international coproduction deals”, and “notable”, and referred to Bettina as a new “breed of international media projects co-ordinators”, and “one of a kind”.
With a background in law and literature, Bettina Bennett began her career in 1983 at one of Germany’s most prominent publishing houses, creating the first media department at any European publishing company.

In 1988 Bettina established Media Rights Management (MRM) with offices in Munich, Germany and Los Angeles, CA, and MRM was asked to join ICM (International Creative Management) as a strategic partner for the German speaking countries, supporting existing and new clients in their European endeavors, and providing market support and research.

Through Media Rights Management, Bettina secured financing for large entertainment projects and used her familiarity with both the US and European media market to act as a "translator" and "match maker" of sorts for US-European ventures and projects. Her clients and projects included Film Finances, TCI, Universal Pictures, DIC Entertainment, Discovery Channel, United Artists International, ARD, ZDF and many others.

Media Rights Management became the expert source for procuring funding for international entertainment projects, development of new content distribution and syndication models, and arrangement of joint ventures between European and US media companies.

Since then, Bettina has proven her business acumen over time as an innovative entrepreneur and international entertainment consultant, a convergence maverick, a social media,  cross platform marketing expert, and a visionary in the realm of media and content monetization.

In 2006 Bettina Bennett decided to partner with Jenni Currie as the result of an ever-dynamic, expanding vision to develop a new model for truly convergent content creation, monetization, distribution and syndication, and to ultimately launch whichbox®.