Audience Fragmentation

Your audience is no longer just on your website, and search is not the only tool available for them to discover and connect with your brand.

Your audience loves to engage “everywhere” and with “everything”, and is spread out across a plethora of social networking sites, from facebook® to YouTube®, from twitter® to flickr®, from MySpace® to Photobucket® and more. They discover your products and services through group buying services, and make purchasing decisions based on the recommendations of their peers.

You have decided to meet them “where they are” - and go where your audience is or goes. You have built fan pages and are maintaing blogs. You post your photos on sharing sites, have created video channels, and are at all the “squares” and more.

Your challenges have just been accelerated! Your audience is now divided up into multiple locations, none of which you truly control. You also have to spend time and more money to maintain and manage those environments, and constantly keep engaged, so these satellites of your brand don’t become stagnant, too.

In the meantime: your audience shares their stories, their photos, their videos, and comments, engages, and contributes their ideas and more ... somewhere else.

SOLUTION: The whichbox® "social publishing™" platform integrates social networking and social media / user generated content (UGC) capabilities on your site.

By providing simple to use tools for your audience, to create their own stories, and contribute their own content, whichbox® creates an environment on your site, that engages your audience, both with your content and with their peers where you are.

Now your audience promotes your site as a destination to their friends, builds community, contributes and helps you drive audience back from all those “satellites” to your main site.

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