Ad-Serving Tools

The whichbox® Platform has built in ad-serving tools and/or whichbox® can integrate with other third party ad-serving applications and ad-networks.

Now you can drive user engagement with contextual relevancy

Today's advertising:
  • Is not engaging
  • Is often ignored
  • Is intrusive with privacy concerns fueling legal scrutiny
  • Does not contribute to user experience
  • Does not create conversation
  • Does not build a relationship
  • Devalues content by proximity

At whichbox®, you are in control over what ads appear where.
You are in charge and can create an environment, where ads are “relevant” to the content they are placed next to.
Users experience the ads as a natural extension of the content or as content itself.
Users get the information from brands they want and need – while they are actually engaged.
Brands connect with their ideal customer.

You, as the content owner, reap the benefits of the greater value of the intrinsic match between content and advertising through stronger CPM values.