Sanjiv Sidhu

Sanjiv’s career has focused on helping large organizations consistently achieve superior results via improved planning and execution of plans.

Based on the belief that businesses react too slowly to rapidly changing conditions, Sanjiv’s concentration has been on helping organizations implement new processes to become more agile.

Several global 1000 corporations have implemented his methodology and achieved billions of dollars of value.

As current founder and chairman of o9 Solutions, Sanjiv is working with some of the world’s smartest minds within o9 and within o9 clients to continue to develop methodologies to optimize business performance in rapidly changing business environments.

Prior to this, Sanjiv founded i2 Technologies (NASDAQ ITWO) and served as Chairman and CEO for over 15 years. I2 is often cited as the thought leader in supply chain management and credited with creating more value for clients via supply chain planning than anyone else. Despite management responsibilities, Sanjiv stayed actively involved in consulting with clients.

Before founding i2, Sanjiv was an engineer working in the artificial intelligence laboratory at Texas Instruments in Dallas. His worked focused on studying how humans make optimization decisions and combining these with mathematical techniques to create new software for business planning.