What's Your Story?

whichbox® is the only interactive storytelling engine for brands.

Customers do not want to be 'talked at' or 'sold to' anymore. They want more. They want relationships that are authentic, honest … one of equals.

90% of people want brands to share, but only 10% think they do it well.

Powered by whichbox®, and fueled by organic story telling®, non-profits, brands, enterprise, trade organizations, and others, are finally empowered to grow passion for their brands, products, or causes by sharing their stories in a new and compelling way, enriched by curated, moderated user generated content.

Delivered as a SaaS platform, brands can now use whichbox® to easily build interactive community storytelling destinations, and develop creative, engaging, and trusted relationships with their customers and audiences.

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The Engine

What is whichbox®?

whichbox® makes technology wrangling a thing of the past, by combining a community and social network engine (your private, branded social network and community), a suite of user generated content tools, gamification and rewards, and a digital publishing platform into ONE single technology application.
Social Networking & Community Platform

Users and other contributors can create profiles, follow and connect with each other, create stories, comment, and share across the web.

Suite of User Generated Content Tools

Defined contributor types enable employees, customers, partners and sponsors to contribute stories, events and ideas, vote, comment, and more, based on role and permission level.

Organic Storytelling®

The patent-pending organic storytelling® tools make it easy for all your contributors (writers, content partners, users and others) to create multi-media stories that can include images, narrative, video, audio, and attachments. No coding required. As long as users can type, copy and paste, and hit submit, they're good to go.

Content Management & Community Publication

The simple to use, robust content management infrastructure, helps you organize, structure, and showcase both editorial and user generated content in one single online destination, resulting in a sophisticated interactive community publishing environment.

Responsive Design

No apps required! No constraints with devices and operating systems. Responsive design allows content to be consumed across tablets, mobile, and the web.

Intrinsic SEO

Custom URLs, clusters of rich media elements, well-structured bespoke taxonomies, and fresh, crowd-sourced user content, result in superior search engine ranking and visibility.

Integrated Analytics

Nothing to set up or integrate. Measure and gain insights into traffic, audience behavior and content performance from day one.

Software as a Service (Saas)

No IT department required. whichbox® is delivered turnkey, including hosting, bandwidth, and support, resulting in no integration or upgrade challenges.

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The Fuel

How it works

Share your Story

Gone are the days of generic ad campaigns and PR stunts. Brands must now become incredible storytellers in order to create the most authentic and engaged interactions with their audience.

Foster Creativity

No more 140 character limits, or bits and pieces of content fragments across different parts of your site or the web.
whichbox® allows your brand story tellers and your audience to create and share stories the way they want to: with narrative, video, audio, images, attachments.

Crowdsource User Generated Content

User generated content rules, it drives decisions and purchasing behavior. Let your fans sing your brand's praises. whichbox® helps you bring all those stories together, and leverages your audience, to create that needed fresh and relevant content, so richly rewarded by search engines.

Tap into social connections

When your user’s stories get published, they will share the event with their entire social network, allowing you to tap into their social connections, no longer just limited to the “likes” and followers on your brand fan pages.

Amplify Brand Recognition

Dial up the volume, increase power, and leverage the voices of your brand fans, ambassadors, enthusiasts, and advocates to enhance and spread awareness and recognition of your brand.

Curate and moderate content

User generated content doesn’t have to mean giving up control, or being at the mercy of social networks.
whichbox® allows you to be as hands-on as you want: Curate, edit, and moderate user-generated content and invite your audience to share their stories, while maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Encourage and Nurture Community

The days of “talking at” people are gone. Now it’s all about sharing and authenticity. Cultivate a community around your brand, organization, or cause, and engage in interactive dialogue with your customers and audience.

Identify brand advocates, enthusiasts, and ambassadors

We all trust the advice of friends. Word of Mouth drives most of our purchasing and other decisions. whichbox® helps you identify appropriate brand enthusiasts, ambassadors, and advocates, who can help elevate and promote your brand in a truly authentic way.

Boost Traffic

Leverage your audience’s excitement and their desire to share their published stories with their friends and their social connections, to drive more traffic to your site, and ensure visitors are engaged and emotionally connected while there.

Recognize and Reward

Shine a light on your greatest fans and make your most ardent contributors stand out.
Reward them with badges for their comments, stories and other contributions. Recognition leads to happy customers, which leads to more customers. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Build Authentic Relationships

Audiences are craving an authentic connection with their favorite brands, and brands want to establish an emotional relationship with their audience.
whichbox® is revolutionizing the way brands share and build real, genuine, and authentic relationships with their customers.

Grow Revenue

Leverage your audience, your sponsors and advertisers, as well as user generated content, to create new monetization or revenue growth opportunities.

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Awards and Recognition

ONMEDIA 100 [2014]

Top emerging companies creating new business opportunities in the world of media, advertising, marketing, branding, and public relations.

Other winners: Hubspot, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Square, FourSquare, Tumblr, Yelp, Glam Media, Quantcast,  BrightRoll.




DBJ Entrepreneurs Connect [2014]
ONMEDIA 100 [2012]
ONMEDIA 100 [2010]
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